Who We Are

Marx-Bensdorf, Realtors has been serving the real estate needs of our community since 1868. We have developed a sustainable model that demonstrates an appreciation for the client’s sense of urgency without compromising the long view. Our experience is more valuable now than it has been at any other time in our history.

To Our Clients

We recognize that today’s buyers and sellers are real estate savvy. They bring more to the table than they used to. Buyers and sellers are plugged in to news and current affairs even to the extent of participating in and shaping the news. They understand how to use the resources available online to determine which home they are interested in buying. They know how to shop for real estate. They get comparables, they ask great questions and they are connected with other people. We call that smart. We're honored to work with our smart clients, throughout purchases and generations. 


Marx-Bensdorf, Realtors has five underlying tenants that support our philosophy and approach to doing business. Each serves as inspiration to our associates; and connects us with our clients and community. We call them "messages." It allows us to personalize our interaction with one another and you to meet your unique set of expectations.

We’re connected. 

Our clients are increasingly tech savvy and so are we. Our investments in technology have not been for technology sake but to improve our ability to serve buyers and sellers. Technology intersects with our associates at the place where length of service connects our community online and within the neighborhoods that make up our city. We are aligned with the right resources, people, and business partners to serve our clients.  

We're always ‘on’.

It's always important to be in touch, to be accessible. Over the years there have been any number of advancements that enable us to respond to client needs. And, when you love what you do you want to share in the excitement. So, whether by email, text, Twitter, Facebook, our mobile site or our website forms - we are 'on' more hours of the day than ever before.

You come first.

There are far too many personality driven Realtors for our taste. After all, we work for you. We strive to understand the role you need us to play, have adopted a nonsense approach to ‘showing’, and in all things make our style subservient to your needs.   

We are creative.

In today's market, it's not as simple as a sign in the yard and an ad in the newspaper. We know that, so that's why we seek new and compelling new ways to present your listing. We use a combination of tools to serve our clients, whether buying or selling. Our methods may include a unique approach to opening your home, leveraging social networks to optimize 'six degrees of separation' to find your buyer, or posting a video tour on YouTube. We won't give away all of our best ideas here; we'll keep some of our best ideas between you and our professional Realtor. 

We’ve been around for 150 years

By now you're probably aware that we've been serving the real estate needs of this community since 1868. How business gets done has been through a number of changes. Yet, we know the art of the deal and have affected thousands of transactions. Our representatives are professional, trained, certified and continuing to evolve in order to serve you better.

The bottom line is this: we know that you're smart. You're more connected than ever. You're more aware of the resources available to help you through the buying or selling of your home. Nonetheless, we do provide an exceptional value as found in our staff, our network, our use of technology, our marketing strategies, and our experiences. Together we make a great team.


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