4 Reasons Why Having a Real Estate Agent Works

In our internet-educated do-it-yourself culture, it is sometimes appealing to do things for ourselves. For straightforward tasks, this may make sense. For more complex activities with many variables, the do-it-yourself approach may result in unnecessary risk. More and more, people find themselves in trouble when they lack appropriate experience or proper resources.

Some people seek to save money by selling and/or buying a home themselves, without the help of a Realtor. While this may seem like a good idea, it is not the best solution for your real estate transaction.

You may think we are biased; as experienced professionals with many years of experience and thousands of successful transactions, it is natural for us to think using a Realtor is the safest route. However, within our code of ethics, the benefits of working with one of our professionals is very clear.

If you are considering venturing out to sell or buy your home solo, we ask you to read along for some pitfalls you may encounter along the way. Here are the top 4 benefits of using a real estate agent:

1. Work with an Expert

While many online resources can give you a crash course in the basic principles of real estate law, transactions, and trends, it cannot prepare you for the many scenarios and loopholes that can come up during the buying and selling process.

First and foremost, real estate agents work for your best interest. An agent’s ability to negotiate and broker a deal that benefits you is the top priority. Because of your agent’s experience, he or she can identify good deals, know when to add in extra perks for you, and – most importantly – know whether to accept a deal or walk away.

Your agent’s experience also gives expertise in not just knowing about your individual property, but also the entire market. With tools available to truly tell the value of your home or the home you seek to purchase, along with understanding the neighborhood and surrounding area, your agent can give you insight you may not otherwise have.

As a seller, you may not know that your home might be worth less, but that the neighborhood is trending as a hot selling area, which can increase the sale price of your house. Alternatively, if you are buying a home, your agent can pick out strengths and weaknesses about the home and area to help you decide on a competitive offer.

2. Be in the Know

Buyers today have many tools which provide data about real estate, such as real estate apps like Zillow and listings found on Facebook. While free and plentiful, the data provided may or may not be accurate. And, there is a difference between having data and having the insight to apply it to specific situations. Your Realtor has the expertise to evaluate accuracy and apply the information to your situation.

If you are searching for a home to buy, your agent is notified when homes are listed, giving you a competitive edge to view homes quickly and establish your level of interest. In Memphis’ thriving real estate market, finding a desirable home in a great area means you must act quickly. With an agent, you can see a new home, decide whether or not to put in an offer, and make your moves fast.

If you are selling your home, your agent’s network also works to your advantage. Connections with other agents help, but so does your agent’s online network. Marx-Bensdorf, REALTORS listings appear not only on our website but on hundreds of websites around the US and the world. They also appear on Facebook, YouTube, and in print publications. This extensive network gives your home greater visibility.

Not only is your home seen by more people, but it can be targeted to reach the right people. Real estate agents have a way with words, knowing what to highlight about your home and how to phrase it to catch the eye of qualified buyers.

3. Save Money

When you work with an agent, you know that everything will be done the right way. Even if you think you will save time and money by representing yourself in the buying or selling process, there is always something that comes up that affects the overall transaction.

Real estate agents are trained to spot potential problems. When possible, they will work to prevent unnecessary problems and expenses. But, they also have reputable people with proven track records to help you when needed. Virtually every transaction has problems, hiccups, hurdles, or roadblocks. Your Realtor has the experience from past transactions to find resolutions. Some transactions are smoother than others; with an experienced, professional Realtor, you have the greatest likelihood of an easier transaction process.

For many people their home is their most expensive possession and investment. Why cut corners when it comes to buying or selling? With a qualified agent, you have on your side a person with expertise and experience who is dedicated specifically to look out for your best interests.

4. Rely on a Partner

Buying or selling your home can be exciting; depending on your circumstances, this process may involve an array of emotions. The real estate market is constantly changing. Homes can come and go quickly, but they can also sit on the market waiting for the right buyer.

An agent can help you establish realistic expectations and help you know when to act, what to offer, what offers to accept, when to walk away, and more. Navigating the complex real estate process alone can be overwhelming with details; additionally, it can also be overwhelming with the feelings you experience along the way.

As part of the Code of Ethics Realtors are required to follow, the obligation to represent you, their client, is mandatory. When you are represented by a real estate agent, your best interest is more important than their own interest or any other party’s interest. This means being there for you throughout the process, being honest with you, and helping you make the hard decisions when necessary.

Having a strong real estate partner in the process, one on whom you can rely, can call, and can ask questions about the process, is the basis of our dedicated, professional client service. As such, it demands our loyalty to you. We understand our clients are making major life transitions, not just buying and selling houses. And we want to be our clients’ lifelong trusted specialists.

Our partnerships with our clients are the reason we have chosen to be Realtors! Marx-Bensdorf, REALTORS knows that your next real estate transaction is more than just numbers and signing contracts; it affects your life, and we want to help each and every step of the way.

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