5 Ways An Open House Can Sell Your Home Faster

One of the most valuable ways to sell a home is through a well-planned open house. Although many homebuyers are turning to online listings to search for potential homes, nothing has quite the impact as seeing a property in person. Pictures and descriptions are great; but they NEVER tell the whole story!

After scrolling through homes on websites or apps, buyers may not get the true feel of a home; or, they may lose interest in the process. By attending an open house, buyers are physically in the home, getting a feel for it, picturing themselves living in it, and getting a sense of the neighborhood.

While open houses require preparation, the exposure they provide may help sell a home. People who might not otherwise see the home may stop in to view it during an open house: neighbors, casual lookers, and sometimes, agents. That’s why many of our Realtors stand behind this practice, making sure your event goes flawlessly and to help your home get sold faster.

Here are five tips for a successful open house:

1. Spread the Word

A successful open house will be well-attended, and our Realtors know how to get the word out to the community.

But where to begin? With so many ways to get the word out – thanks to both traditional and social media – there are plenty of options, but some are more effective than others. With the help of your Marx-Bensdorf agent, you can leverage the power of the many outlets we access each day. Along with our own company channels – the Marx-Bensdorf website, your Realtor’s personal website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube – we can post about your home and its open house in a variety of other platforms.

Notifications about your open house can be posted on many websites, as well as in print and online. When we post about your open house it is easy for you to share news about your home with your friends, colleagues, and family through email and social media posts.

2. Clean and Stage Your Home

This tip may seem obvious, but it is crucial to making your home appear desirable to your guests.

While we have covered all of the steps to staging a home in a previous blog post, there are a few important takeaways to keep in mind:

  • Clear out bulky furniture and other items to make your home appear more spacious.
  • Remove clutter from countertops, furniture, and closets.
  • Put personal items such as photos, magazines, and mail away.
  • If you have not already done so, paint walls neutral colors and use neutral furniture throughout – make your home appealing to the largest number of buyers.
  • Go beyond your home’s interior: both curb appeal and outdoor living spaces will help sell your home.

With the help of your Realtor, you have the insight of a professional who can better identify flaws, spot your personal items, flag areas that need to be cleaned, and more. Your Realtor can give you valuable insight to make it appealing to visitors seeing your home for the first time.

3. Create an Ambiance

While a clean home is a happy home, there is also a balance that must be achieved. You don’t want your home to be so clean and sterile that it has no personality or warmth.

Adding a few special touches to your home can make a definite difference in the overall feel of the home. During the day, open windows to let natural light in, set flowers out on tables, and brew a pot of coffee and let the aroma waft through the home. In the evening, dim lights, light a few candles, add rugs to warm the floor, and turn on light music. These little touches can make an impact on how a person views a home.

Does it seem like a place where they want to unwind after a long day? Does it feel like a space where they want to entertain friends and family? Does it appear to be a warm, welcoming place to raise a family? Details can make a big difference! Since your Realtor can identify the strengths of your home, he or she can also find ways to heighten those strengths with the right ambiance.

4. Be A Gracious Host

A little hospitality can go a long way. Just as you would treat friends and family members who come to your home, create a welcoming environment for your open house guests. Does your home have an undeniable Southern charm? Offer glasses of sweet tea and cheese straws to guests. Are you selling during the holiday season? Share seasonal beverages and cookies to impart a festive feeling. Is your open house taking place around the brunch hour? Offer mimosas, or a sparkling non-alcoholic drink, with an assortment of croissants or bagels and fruit.

Get creative, but don’t go over the top. By planning your open house with thought and care, you are able to create a more memorable experience for buyers.

Run ideas by your Realtor, who can also tell you if your plans fit the right type of buyer. If you are in a family-friendly home and expect buyers coming by with small children, cookies are the way to go. If you are in a popular, younger area of town, a glass of wine in the evening may appeal to the right buyer. Gearing your open house to the interests and tastes of your target buyer can make all the difference.

5. Give Fun Facts to Create Conversation

What makes your home different from any other home on the market? Does it have a ton of storage, space with room to grow? Do the remodeled bathrooms and kitchen make it better than other homes in the area? Is the yard, complete with landscaping and a pool, an oasis any buyer would want?

Your Realtor has the advantage of researching nearby homes, to compare size, price, and images against your home. This research can give you and your Realtor the selling points which show what makes your home a great buy, and a place the buyer will love. With this research readily available, your Realtor can present facts and figures to open house guests, explaining why your home would be a good fit for them. Having a personable Realtor who is prepared and ready to chat about your home to buyers is one of your best assets.

Plan Your Open House Today

Your Realtor will be investing both time and money to host a successful open house. By hosting an open house that leaves a lasting impression, you and your Realtor will instill a greater amount of confidence in the buyer to take action and put in an offer. Keep in mind, when prospective buyers see other buyers showing an interest in your home, they may be more encouraged to make an offer and to make it a strong offer.

Partnering with a knowledgeable Realtor allows you to reach the right home shoppers and provide a special opportunity to connect your buyer with your home. Plus, a great Realtor will come equipped with facts about the real estate market, including information about your neighborhood, what makes your home valuable, and why a buyer should invest in your home. The best Realtors will not just try to sell your home, but they will also make the new buyer feel eager and willing to put in an offer.

When your Realtors suggest an open house, provide the best possible support. We are experienced in hosting successful events that attract serious buyers – selling your home faster and for a higher price!

Posted by David Tester at 1:55 PM
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