Celebrating 150 Years at Marx-Bensdorf - Looking Forward

David Tester and Jimmy Reed

Marx-Bensdorf Owners David Tester and Jimmy Reed | Photo Courtesy of Memphis News


Marx-Bensdorf, REALTORS has a long history in the Memphis metro area. As one of the first businesses to operate in downtown Memphis, we are the oldest real estate firm in the area. This year, we celebrate our 150th anniversary.

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“Our long history has survived the depression and recessions.

We've endured periods during which buyers paid extremely high interest rates for mortgages.

We've seen the good times and the bad times.”

- David Tester, Co-Owner


Looking back over the years at the accomplishments of our firm and our realtors, it’s easy to see why the public has selected us as the best real estate firm in Memphis for four years in the Commercial Appeal’s annual Memphis Most campaign. Perhaps even more important, our agents often work with second and even third generation clients.  

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As we grow and continue to serve the Memphis area, we’d like to take some time to reflect on our mission and share with you our plan for the future of Marx-Bensdorf.

1. Continue to Educate and Adapt

We are committed to staying aware and informed of emerging trends and technology in the real estate profession. Our owners, staff and agents are dedicated to proactively and routinely updating and improving their skills and knowledge in order to best serve our clients through participation in educational opportunities and outreach.

“Our firm has long been known for professionalism, integrity, and the highest quality services available to our clients,” said co-owner David Tester. “We have worked diligently in the past and we will continually to focus on that in the coming years. This means continually educating ourselves about changes in our profession and related professions such as lending and real estate law. We have and will continue to adapt with changing technology.”

2. Putting Clients First

Part of today's challenge is the amount of information available to the public. Many home buyers spend hours combing websites for information and they gather a lot of information. However, without the expertise to properly interpret and apply the data, the research may actually mislead, and prompt incorrect decisions. Our agents are full time professionals, typically with many years of experience. We understand the history of our community and the real estate trends which may impact our clients' decisions.

Our geographic area is large and is made up of a ‘patchwork quilt’ of neighborhoods, each one with a distinct history. Having a deep understanding of the neighborhoods and their history is important to those considering a move. While each of our agents have particular geographic areas about which they are especially knowledgeable, collectively we have expertise over much of the Memphis metro area rather than being localized to a particular area. Some firms specialize in the downtown area, or midtown, or East Memphis, Germantown or Collierville. With our long history and high volume of sales throughout the metro area,  we can help our clients understand the distinctions and subtleties of various areas. .

3. Maintain Integrity

As the professional representatives of our buyers and sellers, our purpose is not just to provide guidance and education, but also to protect their real estate investments. With each and every transaction we will evaluate, with our clients, the current market value of the property under consideration. There are times when we recommend our clients not purchase a property, either because of cost or due to some other condition. Such integrity has been the cornerstone of our business for the first 150 years, and we’ll continue to serve our clients with the same standard of integrity in the future. In spite of cultural changes, economic shifts, technological advancements and other factors, we believe our clients will value our services even more during the next 150 years.


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