Hosting for the Holidays: Quick Tips for Preparing Your Home for Guests

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How to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays for Guests

It’s that time of year again! Family and friends will soon gather around for the holidays, and chances are, you’ll either be a guest in someone else’s home, or you’ll have visitors of your own. While spending time with family and friends is important, it’s also important to ensure your guests are comfortable and well cared for during their stay. After all, here in the South, we are known for our hospitality and our ability to open our hearts and homes to others. To create a warm and welcoming environment for your guests this holiday, here are a few ways to prepare your home for visitors during the holiday season.

Offer a Selection of Activities or Events

When out-of-town guests arrive, we want to make sure they don’t get bored or feel like they have nothing to hold their interest or occupy their time. While our instinct may be to cram a week’s worth of events into a short stay, this can be overwhelming and the opposite of relaxing. To allow your guests to enjoy their stay while having plenty to keep them entertained, provide a list of local holiday events or possible activities you can do at home and allow them to choose what they would like to do. This way, you’ll know they’ll enjoy the activities, and their calendars won’t be so jam packed that they have no room to breathe! Do your research and see which local attractions offer holidays events like:

  • Holiday Parades
  • Christmas Tree Lightings
  • Christmas Light Shows
  • Ice Skating
  • Visits with Santa
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Holiday Plays and Musicals

Provide Privacy

For overnight guests, it is important both the guests and the hosts have a balance of time together and time alone. Ideally, you can provide them a space that allows for privacy should they so desire. If there’s a guest bedroom that’s located away from the common areas of the home, this might allow them to sleep better and to retire at their convenience without being disturbed by children or pets. If there are multiple bathrooms in the home, allow guests to use a convenient bathroom while kids share another bathroom or use the master to allow guests their privacy and the ability to prepare for the day undisturbed. And as your guests are settling in, you may mention to them the available accommodations so they know how to ‘fit in’ to your daily routine.

Spruce up their Space

Sprucing up the guest bedroom or guest suite is one way to make your visitors feel especially welcome. During the holidays, you may consider adding holiday-themed decor and accents or even a small Christmas tree they can enjoy. Avoid shared guest room and office spaces if possible, and keep family photos and other personal items in other areas of the home. Provide comfortable blankets and pillows for guests to enjoy to make their space cozy and inviting.  Also make sure they have ample, appropriate accommodations for their personal possessions. By all means, make sure they have clean linens and towels and they know what to do with soiled laundry.


The paramount goal, for both guests and hosts, is to enjoy the time together. Nothing makes it harder for guests to relax than a host who is uptight and unable to relax. Try to avoid adding too much to your busy schedule when guests are in town so that you can devote as much time to them as possible without seeming stressed or rushed, which can in turn make guests feel unwelcome. Once guests are settled into their space, ask if there’s anything they need, and let them know that should they need anything, you’re always available. Otherwise, try not to intrude in their space to ask if they are in need of anything else.


Happy Holidays from Marx-Bensdorf, REALTORS©

We hope you enjoy this holiday season and that peace and joy are abundant for you and yours. As we celebrate our 150th anniversary, we’re looking back on our past, our present, and our future as a company. Read our blog to learn more about how we plan to continue to serve the Memphis community.





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