Cordova, TN Homes for Sale

The historic town motto of Cordova sums up the area well: “Farms, Flowers, Fellowship.” Once known as a farming town, Cordova has grown exponentially over the years, making it an excellent location for those in search of beautiful homes and plenty of outdoor space.

The community of Cordova, typically regarded as the area surrounding Germantown Parkway and stretching into unincorporated Shelby County, offers an array of options for potential buyers. For some, the proximity to nightlife and entertainment is a strong factor. Cordova has that. For others, having a few acres for children to roam free is attractive. Cordova has that, too.

Even as the town has grown, its focus on “fellowship” remains constant. With friendly neighbors, nearby schools, and plenty of options for entertainment, Cordova is a wonderful place to call home.

Whether you are a young couple starting a new life, a family looking to settle down, or an older couple wanting to relax, Cordova has a spot for you.

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