About Memphis


Situated on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River, Memphis is the metropolitan hub of a five-state area known as the Mid-South.  Home to more than a million residents, the greater Memphis area offers something for everyone.  Residents of Memphis enjoy a relatively low cost of living, the purest water supply in the country, more trees per square mile than any other city, a temperate climate, four distinct seasons and the hospitable atmosphere and pace of the "City of Good Abode."

A wide variety of affordable housing exists to suit almost any lifestyle.  Choices range from high-rise apartments and renovated downtown lofts overlooking the river to a seemingly endless array of single-family homes in the area’s numerous metropolitan, suburban and rural neighborhoods.

Today, Memphis has one of the lowest costs of living of any major U.S. city, is within a day's drive of two-thirds of the nation's population and offers some of the most advanced infrastructure for moving goods and information available anywhere in the world.  In addition, businesses all over the nation and, indeed, all over the world, are discovering that Memphis has a workforce that offers a wide array of important skills, a supportive government and the initiative to make it a leading city in the 21st century.


Memphis is in the middle of the Sun Belt.  In fact, the city has sunshine about 64 percent of its daylight hours and has more daytime living each year than Miami.  By general consensus, May and October are the city's most beautiful months in terms of both weather and natural scenery, but the city has year-round easy living.


Memphis is located in the southwest corner of Tennessee, with the Mississippi River and the state of Arkansas to the west, and the state of Mississippi to the south.  Native citizens speak with a southern accent or no accent at all, depending on whom you ask. 

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