Things to Love About Memphis

Our love of our hometown drives everything that we do. Whether we are helping a client find a new neighborhood or helping someone relocate to our city, we are all about spreading the love for all things Memphis.

Throughout the Mid-South area, there are homes, neighborhoods, and communities that are appreciated and cherished by so many. Close proximity to all the wonderful things about Memphis makes the Mid-South an incredible area to call home.

Not only is the real estate market thriving here, but the city continues to grow with new and exciting attractions There have long been amenities and attractions for all ages and interests. Today, that is more true than ever.

Our Top Reasons to Live in Memphis, TN

Our firm has been in continuous operation since 1868, marking 150 years in business. To say we love calling Memphis home is an understatement!

We have been watching the city grow and develop for 150 years and are proud of the place we call home today. To show a few of the reasons why we love Memphis, we turned to our fellow Realtors. Below, are some of the many reasons people choose Memphis for their home, along with specific amenities our agents enjoy.

Memphis’ Arts and Culture

Memphis has a rich history of music, art, and activism. These deep roots have impacted the current culture, making for a city that is filled with museums, live concerts, and performing arts. This means that there is plenty to see and do, whether you live in Memphis or are just in town visiting.

Our rich culture also makes for some amazing events and a ton of personality in our city. From eclectic art galleries to soulful music and a variety of specialized museums, there is much to explore and experience.

My favorite place to see live music is the Orpheum because the size and sound system is just right, and the venue is so historic. - Melonie Sain Simpson

My favorite museum in the Memphis area is the Pink Palace because of its history, the planetarium, the architecture and great place for kids. - Daphne Martin

My favorite Memphis event is the Beale Street Music Festival because - no matter the weather (just count on it being rainy!) - it’s three days of all kinds of excellent music and afternoons spent eating Pronto Pups and enjoying spectacular views of the sunset over the Mississippi River. If you need a break from the festival crowd, just make your way up to any one of the many bars and restaurants. - Ashley Bonds

My favorite place to see live music is Lafayette's Music Room because of the variety of music and artists; and it’s a great place to people watch, eat good food and check out the other cool places in Overton Square. - Daphne Martin

My favorite museum is the Brooks Museum of Art because of the extensive and varied collections and the periodic special exhibitions. - Sheldon Rosengarten

My favorite place to see live music is the Levitt Shell because no matter the artist, you're bound to have a good time. It’s free!, You can bring all the food and drinks you can carry. - Ashley Bonds

My favorite Memphis / Mid South event is a group of events: the fall festival season. There is something for everyone! There are a large number of localized, neighborhood festivals from which to choose. - Tracy Lombardo

My favorite museum in the Memphis area is The National Ornamental Metal Museum because it is my favorite view of the Mississippi River and they do really cool things there. Also, the exhibits are phenomenal. - Diane Malkin

My favorite museum is the Stax Museum of American Soul Music because the story of the Stax label's origin is fascinating and it resulted in one of our best exports: Memphis Music!- Ashley Bonds  

The Memphis Food Scene

Once a community based on farming and agriculture, food and social activities have been blended for centuries. Southern hospitality is at our core. But our food culture goes far beyond our history.

Since Memphis is a river town, it has a deep history of people from many cultures coming to visit or coming to stay! As Memphis has grown in popularity, more and more people have made Memphis home, while bringing their distinct cultures and tastes to it. These cultures have resulted in Memphis becoming so much more than the home of world renowned barbecue (which, if you haven’t heard, is the best in the world).

Memphis has graduated to be a foodie paradise, bringing inventive menus, cocktails, and ideas to the food scene.

My favorite restaurant is Las Tortugas Deli Mexicana because have you ever had their street corn, tacos, and agua fresca? Hands down, best in town. Pepe and Jonathan have carved out a place for themselves in the local culinary scene and we're better for it. - Ashley Bonds

My favorite restaurant is Blues City Cafe because it feels so "Memphis" - GREAT food and great music. Truly, MEMPHIS! - Melonie Sain Simpson

My favorite restaurant is Catherine and Mary’s. Love the food and the atmosphere in the historic Chisca Hotel building. - Mike Parker

My favorite restaurant is Frank Grisanti’s (Now Southern Social) because the meatballs are crazy good and a meal all their own’. And, their spaghetti gravy is most like my wife Shelli’s mother’s. It was my Grandfather’s store and his picture is out front on a historic marker. - Sheldon Rosengarten

My favorite restaurant is Cafe 1912 because the atmosphere is fun and casual and the food is delicious! - Tracy Lombardo

My favorite restaurant is Southern Social because the food is excellent, the service is suburb and the atmosphere is great. - Daphne Martin

My favorite restaurant is Second Line because of the Louisiana flair of the food. - Kelly Erb

Leisure Time: Best Things to Do in Memphis

When the weekend hits, Memphians know how to have a good time. Whether hosting guests in town to experience all the fun, or personally taking in some of the great things the city has to offer, our Realtors can always find a variety of activities and places to enjoy.

From sporting events, to our many parks, to breweries, to nearby lakes and state parks, to local landmarks, there are so many ways to explore all through the year. And, our ‘four-seasons’ weather is mild enough that we can go whenever we choose. Here are just a few of the ways our agents enjoy exploring what is unique about the area:

My favorite way to spend a weekend in Memphis is cheering on the UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS TIGERS! - Melonie Sain Simpson

My favorite way to spend a weekend in Memphis is taking out of towners to see Memphis’ varied surprises – neighborhoods, places of interest and restaurants, - Sheldon Rosengarten

My favorite place to take an out of town guest is The Peabody Hotel because it is a beautiful hotel; close to downtown sports, theater & Beale St music venues. - Daphne Martin

My favorite place to take an out of town guest is Old Dominick Distillery. While you are there, you can also stop to see the MOST unique place in the Memphis: the Mississippi Riverfront. - Mike Parker

The most unique place in the Memphis area is newly remodeled Sears Crosstown because of the diversity of shops, gyms, offices, restaurants and apartments all under one roof. It is literally a new city in an old building! - Daphne Martin

The most unique places in the Memphis area are Molly Fontaine’s and Raiford’s. - Kelly Erb

The most unique place in the Memphis area is Crosstown Concourse because it embodies this city. Things may not always be as pretty or glamorous as what we see in other towns, but, as Memphians, when we pull together something great happens! - Tracy Lombardo

My favorite place to take an out of town guest is Big River Crossing because it’s incredible! The longest pedestrian bridge across the Mississippi gives you a unique view of the Memphis skyline from right on top of the Mississippi River. It highlights the area's commitment to connectivity, health, wellness, and preservation. From here, we'd take a drive down Riverside Drive and then up to Catherine & Mary's for dinner. - Ashley Bonds

Outdoor Fun in Memphis

Thanks to the area’s mild temperatures, plentiful sunshine, and flat terrain, getting outside to exercise and explore is a joy in Memphis. Our community has a magnificent array of outdoor facilities for bikes, runners, and other outdoor enthusiasts looking for new and fun places to enjoy. Whether you are getting active or are looking for a fun festival, there are so many ways to enjoy the great weather and quality of life we have here.

The best way to experience the great outdoors here is Autozone Park because it's a beautiful stadium and American as apple pie. Oh, and they play great baseball too! - Melonie Sain Simpson

My family and friends love The Green Line and Shelby Farms. My favorite place to take an out of town guest is the Big River Crossing because it’s so unique and gives excellent views of the River and the Skyline. - Sheldon Rosengarten

My favorite way to spend a weekend in Memphis is enjoying the nice weather at an outdoor venue or local brewery. - Tracy Lombardo

My favorite Memphis / Mid South event is Germantown Festival because it gives a group of family/friends a chance to spend the day together shopping for unique gifts. - Daphne Martin

I love my weekly golf outings and we have so many different courses from which to choose! - Sheldon Rosengarten

The best way to experience the great outdoors here is Shelby Farms Park because the park's lake has been enlarged, along with walking paths; a zip-line has also been added, and a beautiful children's playground has been installed. Plus,the new restaurant, picnic areas and water recreation activities. - Daphne Martin

Living in Memphis

Our Realtors love all of the neighborhoods, but there are definitely some favorites. Favorite neighborhoods range from Midtown (Diane Malkin) and South Main (Mike Parker) to Germantown (Sheldon Rosengarten) and Cordova (Daphne Martin). Here are some of their reasons why:

My favorite Memphis / Mid South neighborhood is High Point Terrace because it's a cross-blend of young, old, singles, couples, families, everything! - Melonie Sain Simpson

My favorite Memphis / Mid South neighborhood is East Memphis. Love the houses, the people and location - Kelly Erb

My favorite Memphis / Mid South neighborhood is the City of Germantown because of the quality of life, lower taxes, and great fire and police protection. - Sheldon Rosengarten

My favorite Memphis neighborhood is downtown! Whether it’s Mud Island, the Central Business District, the Pinch, the South Main Arts District, or the South End, there's a LOT to see, do, eat, drink, and hear. - Ashley Bonds

My favorite neighborhood is Cordova because of its shopping, restaurant choices and it's my neighborhood! - Daphne Martin

My favorite neighborhood is East Memphis because it's in the middle of the city and you can easily/conveniently enjoy happenings anywhere in the city! - Tracy Lombardo

While there are so many reasons to enjoy a weekend trip to Memphis, there is so much more that you experience by making it your home. When asked what they love about living here, our Realtors shared the following:

The best things about living in Memphis are the myriad ways to plug in, get involved, and make a real difference. Whatever your passion, there's opportunity to be a part of exciting and positive growth and development in the area. - Ashley Bonds

The best thing about living in the Mid South is the genuine hospitality and Southern charm of good people. - Melonie Sain Simpson

The best things about living in Memphis are the people, the convenience, and the new restaurants. - Sheldon Rosengarten

The best thing about living in Memphis is the hospitality and friendliness of the people - Kelly Erb

Memphis is easy. It takes 20 minutes to get anywhere in the Memphis area (I am from the Houston area so this is an important feature to me); and, I love the people and the music! - Diane Malkin

The best things about living in Memphis are the Colleges, Sporting Events, Restaurants, Theaters, the Mississippi River, Shelby Farms Park, Museums, Downtown, Churches, Hospitals, Charities, Memphis Zoo, etc., etc. - Daphne Martin

The best thing about living in Memphis is the food, the people, and the soul of our city! - Tracy Lombardo

Do You LOVE Memphis, Too? Let’s Talk!

Are you considering a move to Memphis? Or, are you from Memphis and looking for things to do and areas to explore! Let’s talk! We love opening people up to new experiences in our city.

This page outlines just a fraction of the things to see, do, eat, and explore around town. Our Realtors are excited to tell you more about our favorite things to do, places to see, neighborhoods to enjoy, and more.

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